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Tuesday May 15th, 2001

This week's report features updates from K-Meleon, DocZilla, the Links Panel, and the new Link Element Toolbar. Enjoy!

#102 UMTS - Browsers

by AlMalossi <>

Sunday May 27th, 2001 11:25 AM

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I agree with "Symbian Platform will be Opera"

and please don't forget what money stands behind companys like nokia, ericsson (and all the other symbian guys). Nokia is (was?) the most valueable company in europe (in stocks).

so making a browser like opera for Psions free is just a small aquesition of the norwegen guys by the finnish or swedish one.

UMTS (third generation mobile) is the next big think in europe (more or less). and it's a big gap in the mozilla landscape.

But maybe mobilephones will have 128mb ram in a shorter time than we all think