Microsoft Says Standards Compliance Bad for Business

Monday November 9th, 1998

Joel Caris writes in with this link to an interesting article at The Industry Standard. Apparently Microsoft has some issues with standards compliance. Joel writes:

"I must admit, Microsoft really is the king of spin. This link leads to an article from The Industry Standard about the WSP asking for full CSS-1 compliance in IE 5.0. It is mentioned how Netscape will fully support CSS-1 and CSS-2 in 5.0. Microsoft's spin on this?

'By making future version of Navigator fully compliant with CSS-1 and CSS-2, the company runs the risk of breaking pages on the Web that were created with past version of the browser,' Herman said."

When you read the article, note also how Microsoft implies that Netscape is responsible for the lack of standards compliance in IE!

#9 Re:Microsoft Says Standards Compliance Bad for Bus

by Amaury JACQUOT <>

Thursday November 12th, 1998 11:38 AM

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It's not FUD, it's just plain stupidity... It seems to me that the microsoft folk hasn't even read anything on <> : It states in the clear there that the NGLayout library will allow rendering compatibility between itself and previous versions of the various browsers, ie4 included...