Mozilla 0.9 Released!

Monday May 7th, 2001 today released milestone 0.9, which moves us a big step closer to a 1.0 release. The 0.9 release contains some of the largest changes in quite some time, with rewrites of the imglib, memory and disk cache, message view in mail, bookmark manager, Personal Security Manager 2 (PSM2), and the help viewer. Many of these rewrites have helped greatly enhance Mozilla's performance since 0.8.1, with the Mail front end rewrite and PSM2 being two of the largest improvements. For those of you who use Java, the JVM is now loaded on first use, rather than when you first start up, leading to much quicker startup.

Builds are currently available for Linux, Windows and Mac, on's download page. Expect other platforms to show up by the end of the week.

The next planned milestone is 0.9.1, for which the tree will close on May 23, and will be released a week or so following that date. Any milestone from this point forward has the possibility of becoming 1.0, and everyone is working hard to get the bug count down to make that happen.

#2 My main complaints

by vondo

Monday May 7th, 2001 7:44 PM

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Ok, let me first say that this build seems even a little snappier than my Apr-26 nightly, and things look to be coming together on the parts of the suite I use, Browser and Mail/News.

However, there are two or three areas I feel mozilla is really lacking, at least under linux. Those of you in Windows land may have a better experience.

1) First and most important to me is helper applications. One of the great elements of foresight for the designers of the web and the early browsers was the ability to program the browser to call on other applications if it didn't know how to deal with a particular data-type. This capability is almost unusable in mozilla. See bug 78106 for a long laundry lists of things that need to be fixed, but a quick list (on linux) is not using system or user-defined applications, not being able to learn from its own dialogs, and worst of all, not being able to set an app for some data type mozilla actually knows about (postscript, for example). This last is a regression from 0.7 days (I think).

2) Plug-ins. Precious few of these were ever put out for NN 4.x and linux, but the fact that one of the biggies, RealPlayer, seems to give lots of people lots of trouble (bug 56464) is not a good sign. Maybe bug 55959 is the solution to this problem? This seems like a major lapse to me.

3) Printing. Actually this seems significantly improved since the last time I checked, but its still not to the point where I can usually use mozilla to get a nice, saveable printout of the pages I'm looking at.

It's my belief that these issues should be addressed before anything called 1.0 goes out the door and considering the speed of progress in the past on these things, it seems 1.0 may follow 0.9.9.

So, in addition to increasing stability and getting rid of bloat, it seems to me there are at least a few areas where the functionality has to be brough up to speed too. I'm sure other people have their pet peeves, but these are the ones that keep me from using mozilla as my only browser.