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Tuesday May 1st, 2001

Sorry I haven't posted these for a couple weeks, I've been a bit busy. Anyways, here are the status reports I've collected over the last couple weeks. Featured are: Jabberzilla, Beonex, Bookie, mozCalc, Chameleon, mozmp, and XULMaker. Enjoy!

#24 Re: NeoPlanet dumps Mozilla?

by Brendon <>

Sunday May 6th, 2001 5:31 AM

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Apparently they made an announcement in which was said that they have temporarily canceled their work on embedding mozilla.. or something along those lines.

my guess (and that of many others judging by the talkbacks on, 'fraid i couldnt find the article again though) is that we wont be seeing neoplanet release a browser with gecko for a long time, probably only if mozilla gains popularity.