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Tuesday May 1st, 2001

Sorry I haven't posted these for a couple weeks, I've been a bit busy. Anyways, here are the status reports I've collected over the last couple weeks. Featured are: Jabberzilla, Beonex, Bookie, mozCalc, Chameleon, mozmp, and XULMaker. Enjoy!

#2 fix for bug 76495

by Brendon <>

Thursday May 3rd, 2001 8:55 AM

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> Even more exciting is the fix for 76495 - don't tear down the world before having anything to replace it

wow, thats one nice fix which is really worth checking out the nightlies for. though it does remind me a little of netscape 4.x because of the (reasonably) long pauses which half the time are an indication of netscape crashing. which ofcourse is not the case with mozilla.. well, most of the time :)

nonetheless, pretty neat 'specially if accompanied with 'column by column' rendering, ahem ;)