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Tuesday May 1st, 2001

Sorry I haven't posted these for a couple weeks, I've been a bit busy. Anyways, here are the status reports I've collected over the last couple weeks. Featured are: Jabberzilla, Beonex, Bookie, mozCalc, Chameleon, mozmp, and XULMaker. Enjoy!

#10 hmm..

by Brendon <>

Thursday May 3rd, 2001 2:50 PM

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whatever the case, mozilla doesnt do well compaired to other browsers in this aspect.

opera: renders your link cell by cell, everything appears in the place where it will stay when the page has been fully loaded

konqueror: does the same as opera however it seems to display things far sooner than other opera and causes the tables to be misplaced at first and will be moved as the other cells are showed. (this can be very annoying on slow computers and is perhaps worse than netscape 4.x's behavior because it takes more cycles)

netscape: is unresponsive till the entire page is loaded. (often this is when netscape will crash *sigh*)

mozilla: is unresponsive till the entire page is loaded.

'nuff said :)