Netscape Revamps My Netscape

Thursday April 26th, 2001

While we normally don't post news on Netscape stuff, this is one that we wanted to talk about. Netscape today turned off customized content on My Netscape. This means that our rdf channel there, as well as our sidebar, no longer work. We have been working on a new sidebar panel for a while, and this will help push it along. As soon as it's ready, we'll let you know.

If you want to complain about this, we highly encourage you to email Netscape and ask for your custom content back.

#66 about Bugzilla

by dipa

Monday April 30th, 2001 4:14 PM

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Bugzilla is an excellent tool but, since it is needed for tracking every bug's aspect, it's a bit complicated for newcomers. Here are at least a few things to worry about when filing a bug. 1. Resist temptation to contribute anything "premature" to Mozilla project. Your bug report must be something useful to the developers / q&a people. Personally, sometimes I failed in that. 2. Read carefully what Gerv suggests in "Report A Bug" page and use his Helper step-by-step procedure instead of the more advanced direct bug entry form. 3. Try to locate the exact component and also search for already existing bugs, to avoid duplicates. Duplicates are not deadly mistakes (they are useful bug popularity indicators, see "mostfreq" keyword) but it's better to avoid them. 4. Follow Alex Bishop's advice and make a list of the most important (to you) bugs. Most chances are your ready-to-file- bugs are already in Bugzilla, and possibly on a better form. That will make you be more specific and clear in your reports (personally, I am still in the learning stage). Besides, when you "play" with Bugzilla's Query Form, you will realize how straghtforward and easy to use it is. 5. Read some well written reports and constructive comments. 6. Definitely avoid saying "Mozilla is TOTALLY UNUSABLE" because that's not true (hey, I'm kidding, you never stated that, your aren't a macpeep).