Netscape Revamps My Netscape

Thursday April 26th, 2001

While we normally don't post news on Netscape stuff, this is one that we wanted to talk about. Netscape today turned off customized content on My Netscape. This means that our rdf channel there, as well as our sidebar, no longer work. We have been working on a new sidebar panel for a while, and this will help push it along. As soon as it's ready, we'll let you know.

If you want to complain about this, we highly encourage you to email Netscape and ask for your custom content back.

#37 [OT] Gecko rendering

by Brendon <>

Friday April 27th, 2001 12:08 PM

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just another one of my highly OT posts, I agree with the person who mentioned something about a general discussion forum, anyhow....

I\'m curious, why does mozilla sometimes wait to display a page when it already has downloaded it instead of building it piece by piece? It seems that the only time it does render before the page is d/l-ed is when it\'s missing some images, which will be loaded after Gecko laysout the page. Does this have something to do with tables?

Also, IE tends to render pages \'column\' by \'column\'. does anyone know why this is? I personally like it.. and wouldnt mind seeing it in Mozilla instead of the pauses. mm, what else.. oh, opera has something very nice that would be nice to see in Mozilla, when you press the \"back\" button the page appears instantaneously, could this be done in Mozilla or is this purely a tweaking thing?

Sorry for being extreemly vague, but i\'m no developer so i cant supply any good explainations...