Netscape Revamps My Netscape

Thursday April 26th, 2001

While we normally don't post news on Netscape stuff, this is one that we wanted to talk about. Netscape today turned off customized content on My Netscape. This means that our rdf channel there, as well as our sidebar, no longer work. We have been working on a new sidebar panel for a while, and this will help push it along. As soon as it's ready, we'll let you know.

If you want to complain about this, we highly encourage you to email Netscape and ask for your custom content back.

#22 Re: LOL

by macpeep

Friday April 27th, 2001 3:21 AM

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You're taking time to download the source and put up on your own page for people to look and laugh at? I'd say THAT'S laughable. And besides, I think the new My Netscape is quite nice. The source is obviously a mix of massive inline CSS, which is no doubt included from another file at compile time, JavaScript and HTML, which is all generated by something, probably JSP judging from some of the tags that are visible because of comments on the fly.

Laughing at other people's code & work is what's laughable. I'm pretty sure you couldn't put together a DHTML drag-drop-snap-update-to-web-server web page no matter how hard you tried. Some of the tricks they are using on the new My Netscape page are quite cool if you bother to look at it more closely.