Mozilla 0.9 Branched, First 0.9.1 Checkin

Wednesday April 25th, 2001 branched today in preparation for the Mozilla 0.9 milestone, which they are targeting at people who are embedding Mozilla in their products as their first solid beta to use. Expect for 0.9 to be released sometime this week, or early next week.

Following the branching, the fix for bug 77002 was checked in to the 0.9.1 trunk, making page load time up to 17% faster in some cases. Verifications are currently going on on the first set of pre 0.9.1 builds with the fix, which are currently up on for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Expect the tree to open within the next few hours for open checkins to 0.9.1.

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by AlexBishop <>

Monday April 30th, 2001 11:51 AM

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I forget to mention. Most of the articles seem to be written by Michelangelo. Oh, sorry, Mike Angelo. And the article about Mozilla's development 'slowing down' has been syndicated on's BrowserWatch. <>

As for the 'sneak previews' - I suppose it's good that someone's putting details of what each forthcoming milestone will have in terms of features etc. The only other way to find out this information is to read Asa's excellent build comments, look at the occassional Feature Updates on MozillaZine, trawl through Bugzilla or read any articles written by the online computer press, such as ZDNet, who sometimes mention Mozilla. A UK-based Internet magazine called .net <> used to do a feature called Mozilla Monthly which kept track of Mozilla's development, but they stopped after Netscape 6 was released, which is a shame. I should really write to them and ask them to reinstate the feature.

I'm getting sidetracked again.

Alex (of the non-NewZilla variety)