Mozilla 0.9 Branched, First 0.9.1 Checkin

Wednesday April 25th, 2001 branched today in preparation for the Mozilla 0.9 milestone, which they are targeting at people who are embedding Mozilla in their products as their first solid beta to use. Expect for 0.9 to be released sometime this week, or early next week.

Following the branching, the fix for bug 77002 was checked in to the 0.9.1 trunk, making page load time up to 17% faster in some cases. Verifications are currently going on on the first set of pre 0.9.1 builds with the fix, which are currently up on for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Expect the tree to open within the next few hours for open checkins to 0.9.1.

#30 Re: Re: Re: Re: wanted--more realistic scheduling

by AlexBishop <>

Monday April 30th, 2001 11:29 AM

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It was just a guess really. It would seem reasonable to assume that with Mozilla 1.0 being the first build designed to be 'release quality' (I know it's pretty usable now, but 1.0 suggests the first release fit for public consumption), it would be logical for Netscape to create a 'release quality' version of Netscape 6 (rather than their current offering).

The comments in Bugzilla etc. seem to allude to the fact that a major new release of Netscape 6 is close and that it will likely be called Netscape 6.5 (of course, Netscape Marketing probably hasn't made the final decision). I just assumed that it would be based on Mozilla 1.0, since 1.0 is also due out soonish and should be a high quality release. I believe Netscape originally planned to base Netscape 6 (or Communicator 5 or whatever it was called back then) on Mozilla 1.0, but they got bored of waiting (this is not a criticism of the Mozilla project; it's a criticism of letting marketing departments run software companies).

You're right, though. I have no idea when Netscape 6.5 (or whatever it's called) will be released. It probably depends on when Netscape judge that Mozilla has progressed to the stage that they can use it as the centre of a quality browser. I think they'll be treading carefully, based on the complete misjudgement they made about Netscape 6. The IE6 release date (which I believe is currently set around the third quarter of this year) is also probably an important factor for Netscape. Can any Netscape engineers clarify the situation (without breaking any confidentiality agreements)?

Anyway, I'm sorry if I made a misguided assumption. I hope this clarifies the situation.