Modern 3 and Autocomplete Test Build Available

Monday April 23rd, 2001

Asa Dotzler writes:
"For those of you who are interested in helping us test new features (or just like to get a sneak preview of things to come) there is an experimental Windows build with the new autocomplete widget and the new modern theme available at Please post theme feedback and autcomplete issues here until it is checked into the trunk."

Joe Hewitt wants to also let folks know that the new skin is only half way done, and to be gentle on him...

#71 good feedback

by jhewitt <>

Tuesday April 24th, 2001 3:44 PM

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Thank you all for the interesting feedback on the theme and autocomplete. I've gotten some good ideas for ways to improve autocomplete from your posts.

I agree that the list of autocomplete results is often filled with garbage. We definitely need to sort in a more intelligent way than just alphabetically. I'm thinking that I could sort first by most visited sites, and perhaps also not show urls that have more than a certain number of sub-directories.

Some of you want the url to be inserted in the textbox as you type, while some of you don't. I think that it is only handy to complete the url if the url being completed is the one you want to go to. We could try to determine this by the number of times you have visited a site, or by how may subdirectories are in the url. In cases where no url meets a certain criteria, nothing would be inserted.