Modern 3 and Autocomplete Test Build Available

Monday April 23rd, 2001

Asa Dotzler writes:
"For those of you who are interested in helping us test new features (or just like to get a sneak preview of things to come) there is an experimental Windows build with the new autocomplete widget and the new modern theme available at Please post theme feedback and autcomplete issues here until it is checked into the trunk."

Joe Hewitt wants to also let folks know that the new skin is only half way done, and to be gentle on him...

#125 Re: autocomplete and modern3 nothing special...

by macpeep

Wednesday April 25th, 2001 9:57 AM

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Are you for real?

What's wrong with showing lots of [cool] features, a nice GUI and being original? Provided that they all work, of course. This isn't about a war anyway - whoever thinks that sure has a sad view of the world. You can't make good software by just looking at the competition any more than you can win a car race by watching the speedometer. To be the best, you have to innovate and do something that the other's aren't doing. This *includes* being fast, secure and stable but you can be best without being the fastest as long as you're fast *enough*. It all boils down to what *FEELS* best and for this, a good GUI is absolutely crucial.

And what's with the US-dissing? Maybe you need to relax a little?