Roadmap updated for Mozilla 0.9

Thursday April 19th, 2001

James 'kovu' Russell writes in:
" recently updated the Mozilla Roadmap to reflect the crash landings that necessitated the 0.8.1 release. Groups embedding Mozilla are encouraged to target 0.9.1 for their beta branch point. 0.9.1 is currently slated for release May 25th."

The tree has closed for 0.9, so expect to start seeing 0.9 test build on next week at some time.

#6 Clarifying the "crash" landings

by gerbilpower <>

Friday April 20th, 2001 7:14 PM

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A "landing" is when some code, is checked into the Mozilla source code. So when someone lands a fix, he/she is just updating the code to fix a bug.

In this case, there have been several landings of entirely new components (much larger than a single bug fix) in a relatively short amount of time. This has been causing some instability problems (which is expected for any major landing) that have kept the tree closed and delaying things. This isn't an entirely a bad thing, since we have a new cache and a new image library that has made Mozilla much faster.