Roadmap updated for Mozilla 0.9

Thursday April 19th, 2001

James 'kovu' Russell writes in:
" recently updated the Mozilla Roadmap to reflect the crash landings that necessitated the 0.8.1 release. Groups embedding Mozilla are encouraged to target 0.9.1 for their beta branch point. 0.9.1 is currently slated for release May 25th."

The tree has closed for 0.9, so expect to start seeing 0.9 test build on next week at some time.

#42 GREAT!

by Nemo_NX

Monday April 23rd, 2001 9:17 AM

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I know about the outliner thing that you guys want to do and I'd rather see that worked on if it helps out in making the bookmarks window not crash so much and loads a little quicker. With this bookmark thing, and it's something I should have emailed you about because its so simple, is to HIDE or UNHIDE the IE favorites folder. That's it! An option to show the folder needs to be added under the Import Bookmark option in the File menu, that'll say either Show/Hide IE Bookmarks. Since the IE folder will be show as the default, then in the menu it should say 'Hide IE Favorites'. When you click on it the IE folder should disappear and the File menu should be updated saying 'Show IE Favorites'. Add a pop up to say that the change is in affect if you want. The only drawback to this is that Mozilla will still load up the bookmarks slowing down the start up times, but that can be addressed later. :) Now honestly, how long would it take you to do something like this? Not very long, but I can wait till 1.0 for it to be implemented. This is just something that's been bugging me for a long time, as I'm the kind of person who likes ABSOLUTE control as to how I organize my bookmarks. I'm the kind of person who has gotten so use to organizing my bookmarks my way that I can just close my eyes and still be able to hit the right folder and the right bookmark that I want. :) There's a lot of other stuff that I would like to see added to the bookmarks window but I'll talk about that later. Would be cool though to get your take on my 'File Manager' idea. :) One last question that I have is there going to be a .92 milestone?