Roadmap updated for Mozilla 0.9

Thursday April 19th, 2001

James 'kovu' Russell writes in:
" recently updated the Mozilla Roadmap to reflect the crash landings that necessitated the 0.8.1 release. Groups embedding Mozilla are encouraged to target 0.9.1 for their beta branch point. 0.9.1 is currently slated for release May 25th."

The tree has closed for 0.9, so expect to start seeing 0.9 test build on next week at some time.

#33 Re: Quicker bookmark/link loading

by krmt <>

Sunday April 22nd, 2001 3:46 PM

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I don't think this is fair at all. I really like Mozilla, and I think it's a wonderful browser, but it's performance really is crap, even on my PII. I've finally tried out Konqueror (after all the nagging on /.) and I've decided that the performance issue really is a big deal to me too. Galeon still has a long ways to go, but the concept is solid. But until the speed is resolved, there's no way it's going to become the major browser on any platform. Just because you've got a PII, PIII, PIV, or whatever, it doesn't mean you want it to sit there and waste cycles pointlessly. I couldn't believe it when Moz would suck up 100% of my CPU on a regular basis. Things have to be responsive because the browser really should be a browser before it's a platform.