Roadmap updated for Mozilla 0.9

Thursday April 19th, 2001

James 'kovu' Russell writes in:
" recently updated the Mozilla Roadmap to reflect the crash landings that necessitated the 0.8.1 release. Groups embedding Mozilla are encouraged to target 0.9.1 for their beta branch point. 0.9.1 is currently slated for release May 25th."

The tree has closed for 0.9, so expect to start seeing 0.9 test build on next week at some time.

#25 Re: Re: OUCH

by monas

Sunday April 22nd, 2001 3:03 AM

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Do you think diferent versions of IE show pages exactly the same? take a look at <…1/charts/mastergrid.shtml> and note how much differs support of CSS in different versions of IE. And even to make pages to look exactly the same on different IEs webmaster should either limit himself to the parts of standard that all the browsers (or IEs) support, or do page for every version separately.

Now to argument that there are "just" 10% of all web users use non IE. Imagine, your employer gets revenue 1M$/month. And now calculate how much he looses if 10% of potential buyers will be unable to use the site just because it is made to work just on "mainstream" browser. Guess what the boss will do? Either will cut on staff, or finds the guy who will make website work for all.

And finaly. I'm browsing web since 1994. I'm developing pages. And trust me - the main goal of web (html) was not to make things look everythere exactly the same (there is postscript and pdf for that). It was made to _supply_the_same_information_ to all! So those pages what are designed to include entry fields within graphics or counts on text height and width to be the same on every computer - are flawed in technical design. Why? Because there are people with bad vision. Because font with the same name in diferent countries are slightly different. Because people use monitors of different capabilities and the size which is good for one is totaly screwed for other.