Roadmap updated for Mozilla 0.9

Thursday April 19th, 2001

James 'kovu' Russell writes in:
" recently updated the Mozilla Roadmap to reflect the crash landings that necessitated the 0.8.1 release. Groups embedding Mozilla are encouraged to target 0.9.1 for their beta branch point. 0.9.1 is currently slated for release May 25th."

The tree has closed for 0.9, so expect to start seeing 0.9 test build on next week at some time.

#19 Let me try to explain a FEW things better then. :)

by Nemo_NX

Saturday April 21st, 2001 8:46 PM

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Um, because I don't know how to program in c++? Because a couple of patches have been submitted by other people and been ignored? Even though Mozilla is open source, most people would find it too hard to initially understand the code at all? Takes too much effort to fix one bug if you're new to the coding scene? I bitch about it because if people actually paid attention to the # of votes it's getting than it would be fixed right away BECAUSE it's a popular bug. However that seems to be NOT the case. Therefore the voting system is a joke and needs to be removed so that people don't keep their hopes up that this will be fixed anytime soon or would be fixed sooner because a lot of people voted for it to be fixed. Personally I'd prefer that the folder is eliminated all together and not something that should be deleted. We need to have a wizard that imports IE favorites. Why? Simply because I didn't ask for that IE folder to be there in the first place. I also think that it hurts start up times of mozilla as well. At LEAST he bothered to put it in a specific Mozilla milestone as it used to be a bug that would seem to never get fixed. However, it seems to be painfully aware that there are a lot of big problems with the bookmark window as I see tons of bug fixes keep coming in for it. It bothers me that storing and managing links can be such a huge problem for these guys. Maybe it they took a more radical strategy and though of the bookmark window as a "file system manager" from the beginning then the bookmark windows wouldn't be in such a sad state that it is in right now. There's been talk of it moving to the Outliner widget or whatever it is so that means to me that it's going to be totally redone anyways therefore it's pointless to fix this folder bug at the moment. That would be the only acceptable reason why it should not be fixed right now. Any other reason is simply unacceptable. A LOT of people voted for this thing to be fixed and if the Netscape guys really cared about what us users think then they would fix it sooner than 'next year' laterish. After I'm done with college, I'm going to create a page ripping Netscape/Mozilla about all the more visible bugs that they neglect to fix. My main rant would be on what a web page should look like. Should web developers have to support two or more different types of HTML, CSS, DOM... ect? Take for instance that Mozilla .81 is close to looking EXACTLY the same in IE for many different web pages. What stops it form looking exactly the same? Line spacing issues and one major fucked up bug that still pisses me off and wants to give up on these Netscape idiots. It's the proportional font text field problem making those fields appear WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to BIG on the websites. The thing is that NO ONE AT NETSCAPE KNOWS OF HOW TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM. They are too fucking clueless on how to do as to render something as simple as a text box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, come on guys, and get a major fucking clue here. You guys got the website looking VERY close to what IE displays it but these damn text boxes ruining the design of the page. It's bugs; <> <> and you'll see a post in there about some guy saying that he doesn't have a fucking clue as to how IE makes these text boxes 'wrap' around these proportional sized fonts. Meaning, they don't know how to render web pages period and that's soooooooo fucking sad. Really is inexcusable. Then I would get into what a 'standard' is. I'm not really arguing the good standards should be ignored but when a feature like IE specific DOM is used on a lot of websites than it's something that Netscape HAS to support as well. Why? Because Netscape has only like 10 percent of all users using its web browser therefore web designers have really started to ignore them big time. I've complained and complained to Steve Gibson to fix all of the little Netscape bugs that his site (<>) has but he won't do it. He refuses to even have Netscape at all on him machine. I was hoping that someone could help him fix that one big problem on his front page but no one has offered to do so. So it goes unfixed forever and ever and... ect. That's the kind of big things that stop me from using Netscape. I'm pretty sure if and when Mozilla 1.0 comes out that people will change their minds about this web browser and support it. That's one reason I even bother to continue going to and this page to test the latelys and see what you guys are up too. Got a chance to see the new cache & libPr0n turned on a few weeks ago and it was the first time I was impressed with what they were doing. My other main bitches are on the long start up times, quick scrolling of web pages like every other program can to (I use this feature ALL the time with IE!), clicking on a radio button should not change the border of the circle (wtf were they thinking on that one?), and long loading times of going to new web pages(hit a bookmark and see how long it takes for it starts to show up in Mozilla. IE does this waaaaaaaaay faster).

So does this more than answer your question? :)