Help Sherlock Come Up With a New Name

Wednesday April 11th, 2001

David Boswell writes:
"The Sherlock project needs a new name. To avoid any possible trademark issues with other uses of the Sherlock name, the search engine project on mozdev is looking for help on picking on new project name. Come over and vote in our survey to help pick which name you think is best."

Update! David writes:
"We've taken feedback from the first poll and have used those suggestions to create a new one. Come vote one more time to help Sherlock pick a new name for their project."

#42 Astrocyte

by morg

Wednesday April 18th, 2001 11:34 AM

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Content on the world wide web is deeply interconnected with other content, but the most useful information has not always been among the most interconnected. Search engines are our best, albeit a primitive, attempt to guide readers to online information and writers to portals for their output. The "Sherlock" innovation in Mozilla is not just a minor improvement. Instead it represents a notable advance toward integrating the web browser and the search engine. Like the web, the human brain is highly interconnected. The better the connections, the more powerful our intelligence. For this reason, and in light of recent scientific advances, if it must be renamed, I would advance the name "Astrocyte" as a suitable replacement for "Sherlock."

"Astrocytes are the most numerous glia (the gray matter) in the brain and have received much of the recent attention. They bloom like delicately branching sea anemones, extending tendrils in all directions toward synapses, the knobby communication connections between neurons. Without astrocytes, researchers find, neurons couldn't nourish themselves, grow, or transmit signals effectively." Science News, Vol 159, No 14, April 7, 2001, p. 222 (article not online).