Help Sherlock Come Up With a New Name

Wednesday April 11th, 2001

David Boswell writes:
"The Sherlock project needs a new name. To avoid any possible trademark issues with other uses of the Sherlock name, the search engine project on mozdev is looking for help on picking on new project name. Come over and vote in our survey to help pick which name you think is best."

Update! David writes:
"We've taken feedback from the first poll and have used those suggestions to create a new one. Come vote one more time to help Sherlock pick a new name for their project."

#29 Re: "Sleuth" or "iSleuth"

by eiseli

Sunday April 15th, 2001 12:19 PM

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Well, to tell you the truth, I had to look in my Oxford English dictionary to find out what this word means. Anyone outside of the Anglo-Saxon world would rather prefer the word "detective" instead of "sleuth" (pronounced [slu:th] for those like me who didn't know)...