Help Sherlock Come Up With a New Name

Wednesday April 11th, 2001

David Boswell writes:
"The Sherlock project needs a new name. To avoid any possible trademark issues with other uses of the Sherlock name, the search engine project on mozdev is looking for help on picking on new project name. Come over and vote in our survey to help pick which name you think is best."

Update! David writes:
"We've taken feedback from the first poll and have used those suggestions to create a new one. Come vote one more time to help Sherlock pick a new name for their project."

#27 Trademark this :

by new500 <>

Sunday April 15th, 2001 5:09 AM

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Purely (in my mind) to get one up on the same people who would claim your infringement, how about :



Is that memorable enough?

Apologies to the poster above (who, judging by their name is preoccupied this weekend and no doubt selfless enough not to have made the egoistic prepend \'I\'). But as I work with names and marks for a living, I\'m getting good at adding the obvious;-)

Also, whilst the feature\\\\\\\'s in beta, call the thing \\\\\\\"Streuth\\\\\\\".

Also off the top of my head, if the word \\\\\\\"Sherlock\\\\\\\" would normally be associated by the (non computing) public with a search or discovery process, a certain company might have a problem protecting the name as a Tmark due to rules on descriptive names? That at least is the principal behind names with prefixes or odd characters such as Compaq - move away from a dictionary word to claim it as your own.

Whatever, hope y\\\\\\\'all find a name which works.

P.S. w\\\\h\\\\\\a\\\\\\\\\\t\\\\\\\'s\\\\ up\\\\\\ w\\\\it\\\\\\h \\y\\ou\\r\\ \\t\\ex\\t\\ \\p\\ar\\s\\i\\n\\g?