The Netscape IE TuneUp is Online!

Thursday November 5th, 1998

From Joel Caris and Jason Kersey comes the news that the IE TuneUp is finally online! The IE TuneUp adds to IE the SmartBrowsing functionality that made it into Communicator 4.5. Jason writes, "The IE patcher is now on Netscape's page, and is available as a "SmartUpdate for IE" - If you have ever used IE, you will know what I am talking about: TuneUp basically adds a new pane on the lefthand side which adds What's Related functionality, and also allows you to set Netcenter as the home page and search provider. Someone at Netscape knows what they are doing when it comes to ActiveX, even though I still hate it...."

The link above is past the UA gate, which will allow Communicator users to read the page.

#1 Re:The Netscape IE TuneUp is Online!

by arielb

Thursday November 5th, 1998 8:02 PM

anyone notice that Netscape took off all the Download Netscape Communicator links that we praised before?

#2 Re:The Netscape IE TuneUp is Online!

by Jim Race

Friday November 6th, 1998 2:52 AM

If you happen to notice oddball bugs with this when you are using IE (and of course, you're using Mozilla ;) please drop me an email. I'm the guy that got stuck with QA'ing this ActiveHex component.

#3 Re:The Netscape IE TuneUp is Online!

by Jason Kersey

Friday November 6th, 1998 7:12 AM

Bah. CNet gave IE better ratings because Netscape released this tool. How stupid. I don't thing its nearly as good as Communicators, in that its a huge frame, but, thats life...

#4 Re:The Netscape IE TuneUp is Online!

by Stephen

Friday November 6th, 1998 1:27 PM

Okay, this is kinda cool. Now it's time to close IE for another month.

#5 Re:The Netscape IE TuneUp is Online!

by Brennan M. O'Keefe

Sunday November 8th, 1998 8:59 AM

Wow. All the features that I deliberately turn off when I use Netscape. I'm underwhelmed.

#6 Re:The Netscape IE TuneUp is Online!

by arielb

Monday November 9th, 1998 11:32 PM

cnet must think we're really dumb. They even named Opera the best internet product of the year. I mean, for $35 you expect a bit more than something that looks like Windows 3.1. In any event, NS 4 has to be called a flop and that number 5 is gonna be a killer.

#7 Re:The Netscape IE TuneUp is Online!

by opie

Wednesday November 18th, 1998 3:55 PM

this just reeks man! Netscape should stop having IE envy.