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Tuesday April 10th, 2001

Here are this week's reports. Featured are Beonex and Hermes. Enjoy!

#9 We want stability, now!

by theuiguy

Tuesday April 10th, 2001 3:17 PM

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Although there are regressions, I've seen a lot of progress. It loads somewhat faster and is more polished. Just look at the build comments from the build bar for the last few months to see what's been fixed. It's the little things that are making it shine.

Although I want Mozilla out really soon, I want it to be stable even more. Netscape 6 has been a disaster. In good conscience I have to discourage people from moving to it over 4.x. It's not there yet. Mozilla's getting closer and I've advocated it, but suggest waiting for the 1.0 release because of regressions.

The bug count is very difficult to judge. There are more than a few duplicates. There's also a great many enhancement requests and suggested features that aren't strictly bugs. Many of the bugs are in rare places.

The longer the Mozilla release takes, the more likely it seems to me that Mozilla will need to support "defacto" standards, such as document.all. It may be heresy to standardistas, but it's turning Mozilla into an also-ran for many web developers. How do you convince people to upgrade to a browser that fails on most of the dynamic content out there (IE-style)? How do you justify the cost of converting dynamic sites when Mozilla has extremely limited marketshare (< 2% compared to IE's > 70%)?