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Tuesday April 10th, 2001

Here are this week's reports. Featured are Beonex and Hermes. Enjoy!

#59 Re: Re: re: handling negative feedback constructively

by Sparkster

Thursday April 19th, 2001 3:21 AM

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> Do I know what 0.9 will be like? I can extrapolate from 0.8, 0.8.1 and the current nightlies.

You didn't say, that you know the currenty nightlies. If you do, fine. So we are talking of a bug fixed current nightly as potential 0.9 candidate, right? Yes, I think it's ready.

> Regarding 0.8.1 features I agree that the renderer is starting to be of release quality.

And that's the most important component.

> Some important bugfixes remain but those bugs can relatively easily go un-noticed, which means it's not too bad for the general public. (textfields being too tall and forms not submitting all fields under some conditions spring to mind)

I agree. I expect most of the last renderengine bugs to fixed in 0.9 or soon afterwards.

regarding the UI: Maybe it's sluggish on a 500. It's not, on 750. I agree, that this is not very good. But considering the upcoming Windows XP release, which will "run best on a new computer" I don't think there will be a lot of < 700mhz comps in some month. Most Windows dummies will upgrade and bang, Mozilla UI is fast. With stable, I meant the UI widgets. They look quite solid and I didn't see any graphic errors lately. This was very bad around 0.8. The current nightlies crash occasionaly, but that's what I expect from a nightly.

But now let's look a bit further. You say, the engine is up to release quality. Let's take a look at "Galeon". I't an outstanding application and all of it's manpower is put into the UI, nothing else. It's nice, fast, powerfull and customizable. This is surely the best Browser UI I have ever used. And this is combined with the best render engine I have ever used. This equals to an almost unbeatable browser. Only downside: It's Gnome only. BUT... how difficult do you expect such a project to be? How difficult would it be for a somehow experienced user to copy the IE interface (without the engine of course)? Not very much. Expect more of those "specialized" browsers to come, and this is possible because the Mozilla engine is free. I'm really wondering why you always speaking about the Mozilla UI. It's clear, that YOU don't like it. It's clear, that YOU don't need the plattform independence and that YOU don't need the themes or flexibility. So why don't you concentrate on something like k-meleon instead? It's your choice, take it. :)