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Tuesday April 10th, 2001

Here are this week's reports. Featured are Beonex and Hermes. Enjoy!

#53 Re: Re: go away

by Sparkster

Tuesday April 17th, 2001 6:44 AM

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> I'm just saying to those that don't tollerate negative feedback that their attitude is wrong. They should listen extra carefully to negative feedback because by listening and fixing those things, Mozilla actually has a chance of getting better.

Yes, I agree! We should listen for serious comments (even if negative) and try to fix what is mentioned. But please tell me, how should anybody "fix" this feedback:

"The interest in Mozilla is waning, there are about 2 Billion bugs and the product doesnt seem to get any better. There is as much regression as there is progress, what does that equal to, more waiting. We cant wait *forever* for a stable product. Anyone 2nd me on this?"

You can't. There is no suggestion, there is not even mentioned, what's wrong! The posting only says "it's wrong, do you agree?". Mozilla IS makeing progress and the developers are working their asses off. The current nightly is almost release quality. There are still a lot of bugs, but they are mostly of cosmetic nature. 0.9 is coming along and will be a huge step ahead of 0.8 (I especially like the new image lib). It's solid, fast and beautifull. So what is wrong? We have to wait some weeks for 0.9. Then we will be REALLY close to a final release. It's up to US to decide, which release is worth a final. Come on, there is no need for such crap like "There is as much regression as there is progress". This is simply not true and he can't proof it in any way. Tell me, what would you do with such postings, if you would be a developer? Work harder? Work smarter? And if you already work as hard and smart as you can? This would be quite demoralizing, no? YES! The only reasonable way to handle such postings is to ignore them. If you have a suggestion of how to improve Mozilla quality, than feel free to post it. I'm sure you won't get a "shut up" or "go away" in this case. Cause it would be constructive. Something, that really lacks all your postings I have read yet (but this aren't very much, so don't worry). I just hope your Bugreports are more constructive. ;)