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Tuesday April 10th, 2001

Here are this week's reports. Featured are Beonex and Hermes. Enjoy!

#49 Re: Re: Performance charts

by AlexBishop <>

Monday April 16th, 2001 12:11 PM

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Who said Microsoft are going to release Internet Explorer 6 before Mozilla 1.0 comes out?

IE6 is due to ship at the same time as Windows XP Home and Professional. The release date for Win XP is the second or third quarter of 2001. Microsoft have never released an OS on time, so I think it's going to be Autumn (or Fall, as the Americans would say) before we see Win XP or IE6.

Mozilla 1.0 on the other hand is due out according to the schedule on the roadmap <>. That places the 1.0 release on May 28th at the earliest. I don't think that's likely, but the end of the Summer doesn't seem an unreasonable estimate.

Whatever happens, I think Netscape will bring the release of Netscape 6.5 forward if it looks like Mozilla 1.0 is going to be released significantly later than IE6 (more than a couple of months or so). Yes, that will be another premature release, but it's got to be better than Netscape 6.