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Tuesday April 10th, 2001

Here are this week's reports. Featured are Beonex and Hermes. Enjoy!

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by stfh

Thursday April 12th, 2001 1:34 PM

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Yes, I was speaking of Netscape 6.

I guess it just depends what circles you hang out with, then. I\\\'m sorry that the \\\"word\\\" amongst those you deal with is apparently so bad that you\\\'re giving up on Mozilla this soon. Sure it\\\'s got bugs. So do all other browsers. No surprise there. *Parts* of it are slow, yes (mainly the interface, rendering certainly isn\\\'t slow) but they\\\'re getting faster. Just look at the page load performance charts. And don\\\'t forget to keep in mind all the things that Moz already does incredibly well: CSS, DOM, etc...

I find it unfortunate that because of its current faults you are giving up on what still promises to be a superior browser. And certainly constantly saying that Mozilla \\\"never will be\\\" ready for prime-time and is doomed to die can\\\'t help anything. Or do you think it can?