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Tuesday April 10th, 2001

Here are this week's reports. Featured are Beonex and Hermes. Enjoy!

#30 Re: Re: Re: Yarn!!!

by gwalla <>

Thursday April 12th, 2001 12:17 PM

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UNCONFIRMED shouldn't be in there, because many of them are duplicates of existing bugs, or invalid bugs, or just spam.

The Evangelism component actually has nothing to do with the codebase, but is instead for lobbying page authors to write standards-compliant HTML pages. Personally, I think that's what the WSP is for and shouldn't be in the Mozilla project (and certainly not under the "browser" module), but that's just me.

You should have excluded bugs with severity of "enhancement", many of which do not have [RFE] or [FEATURE] in the subject (even though in most cases they should).

You should also have filtered out meta-bugs, which are just for grouping other bugs (like the "GNKSA compliance" bug, which depends on all bugs that must be fixed in order that Mozilla Mailnews can get a GNKSA).

And at any rate, you can't get 2 billion bugs from any query because there are only approximately 75750 bugs in the database, total--including closed and unconfirmed ones.