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Tuesday April 10th, 2001

Here are this week's reports. Featured are Beonex and Hermes. Enjoy!

#24 Re: Re: We want stability, now!

by stfh

Wednesday April 11th, 2001 8:47 PM

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\"...IE will be the only browser before the end of the year.\"

Well I guess we should just throw in the towel then, right?

Wrong. We all know the direction the numbers are going. It\'s a fact of life. But people who bring that fact up all the time are not helping anything. So what if IE holds 99.9% of the know-nothing user market? I feel that\'s all the more reason to want something better than the status quo and to devote my time and energy towards its development and advocacy.

Mozilla is (or at least is becoming) without a doubt that something better. And I believe that good products will prosper in the end. Proof in point? Browser vendors such as AOL and Neoplanet committing to building their products on the Mozilla codebase. People recognizing that just because a browser has majority market share and is bundled with every computer sold doesn\'t mean it\'s the only or best choice.

And the word is slowly spreading amongst web developers as well. We\'re starting to see the advantages that a full-featured, strictly standards-compliant browser has to offer. Just recently I decided (after much anguish, believe me) that I would have to target a web application I\'m currently developing to support Mozilla-based browsers only, due to IE\'s incomplete and buggy support of XML, DOM, and CSS (and yes I tried it on IE6). Who woulda thought. I can\'t be the only one who\'s starting to have to do this.

IE is a good browser, sure. I like it a lot. But Microsoft\'s attitude toward the user and developer is starting to backfire on them as people like me and many others start rewarding solid technology.

Look to the future, my friend. It is bright.