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Tuesday April 10th, 2001

Here are this week's reports. Featured are Beonex and Hermes. Enjoy!

#10 Re: For the uninitiated...

by fuzzygorilla

Tuesday April 10th, 2001 3:27 PM

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Sounds reasonable.

FYI - the name of the project (i.e. "Beonex") is already link that, when activated, will take you to the home page of the project for more information.

The following are brief summaries (which may not be completely accurate - I am not associated with any of them):

Beonex is a commercially supported software suite based on Mozilla. New features are added based on funding.

Hermes aims to create a sidebar tab to ease access to web-based e-mail accounts. Chameleon the open source version of Netscape's Theme Builder tool. Theme Builder is a graphical tool made to simplify the creation of themes (customized user interfaces) for Mozilla. mozmp (MOZilla Media Player) is an attempt at creating an audio and video player much like Real Networks Real Player using Mozilla components.

mozCalc is a desktop calculator application written using Mozilla technology. ForumZilla is a XUL application for reading web discussion forums (a.k.a. weblogs) in a Usenet newsreader-like interface.

DocZilla is a commercially supported extention to Mozilla that adds enhanced support for XML , SGML, HyTime links, and CALS tables.

Bookie is an application which keeps all your bookmarks on a central server so that you can access bookmarks from anywhere on the web.

ChatZilla is an IRC client that is written entirely in JavaScript and XUL.