OEone 'Operating Enviroment'

Wednesday April 4th, 2001

A company called OEone today annouced that they will be using Mozilla as a basis for an 'Operating Enviroment' to be used on small devices. All we have right now is a press release, but we are working on getting more details soon.

#7 Re: Operating Environment?

by penzilla <>

Saturday April 7th, 2001 9:39 AM

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Operating Environment not just as in GUI, but as in an integration of the Linux OS, Mozilla web browser technology and a full range of applications. OEone uses mozilla as an application platform and not just a browser. Mozilla powers the webtop (or desktop if you prefer) and launches all of the applications from this environment. As correctly pointed out by fuzzygorilla OEone is targeting All-In-One computers, Webpads, SetTop boxes and Screen Phones that are x86 based.