OEone 'Operating Enviroment'

Wednesday April 4th, 2001

A company called OEone today annouced that they will be using Mozilla as a basis for an 'Operating Enviroment' to be used on small devices. All we have right now is a press release, but we are working on getting more details soon.

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by asa <>

Monday April 16th, 2001 6:03 PM

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I'm willing to step out on a limb and suggest that if you asked the guys that created this site if it was their intention to create a forum for " discussion of the root causes of Mozilla instability" that you would get a pretty quick "No" from them.

I was here when the both the sites first came online. I've read nearly every comment in this forum since it's birth. I've been in the front line of Mozilla testing for longer than most. I've read most posts in most of the mozilla newsgroups. I've read litereally hundreds of thousands of comments in tens of thousands of bug reports. MozillaZine has had a big role in Making Mozilla better over the years but you're wasting your breath and wasting a lot of people's time if you think that you're going to convert this site from an advocacy discussion and community gathering space to a development forum where people are only allowed to talk about performance or stability problems. If you've noticed some resistance to your attempts to crack this "wall of denial" its because people don't come here to read someone slamming a project they feel good about. I sure don't come here to discuss "the root causes of Mozilla instability". If you're serious about identifying and reporting problems to the people in a position to do something about it then do it somewhere else. Take it to Bugzilla.