New Modern Skin Soon

Monday April 2nd, 2001

Joe Hewitt writes:
"Mozilla will be getting a new look very soon. The Modern theme has been redesigned to be a little easier on the eyes. The new look includes a lighter shade of blue, colored toolbar button icons, and lots of other little touches. Bear with me as I land this sometime in the next week or so, as there will surely be bugs. The design is still evolving and there are likely to be frequent changes (for example, dialog buttons will not be black for long after landing)."

Joe also sent us a screenshot for you to check out, stay tuned for more info on this landing.

#93 A Great Theme.

by jthg

Saturday April 7th, 2001 11:31 PM

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*I* think this is a great theme.

First, the browser window. Newbies will welcome the distinct-contrasting-thick buttons because they help to answer the eternal question of "where to click". Also the way that the modern theme is layed out, the focus tends to jump right to the location box (and everything inside); after all, isn't the most important part of the web browser the address of the current page? No, the address is the second most important part of the web browser window. The actual site is the most important and this is emphasized by the use of paleness, flowability, and unobtrusive.

However, the sidebar seems to go against the over theme of the top bar. It seems a bit darker, drawing attention to the selected tab and away from the main page. Maybe the selected tab should be a lighter color then the other tabs. Maybe all the tabs should be colored more consistantly with the top bar (lighter). Maybe I should stop complaining... In anycase, the shape of the tabs flow towards the page... drawing the eye with them.

Then their is the mail window - wow - cool! The first thing that the eyes goes to is the top bar, but then it is right to the selected message (good). But, as other people have flamed, the top bar is not consistant with the top bar of the browser. For example, the colored highlights are a cool effect, but on browser top bar, there are none. I tend to like the added color, and I tend to like the mail icon on the left... if space was a concern, would it be possible to have it as a background image of the top bar? I also appreciated the way the text is set off from the buttons.

But, I disgress from consistency. Maybe just having text under both would even out the size diffence of the two sets of buttons.

I really cannot see why anyone would not like this theme... yes it does have some minor flaws, but overall it is giant leap in the right direction. As my Dad would put it, "you done good."