New Modern Skin Soon

Monday April 2nd, 2001

Joe Hewitt writes:
"Mozilla will be getting a new look very soon. The Modern theme has been redesigned to be a little easier on the eyes. The new look includes a lighter shade of blue, colored toolbar button icons, and lots of other little touches. Bear with me as I land this sometime in the next week or so, as there will surely be bugs. The design is still evolving and there are likely to be frequent changes (for example, dialog buttons will not be black for long after landing)."

Joe also sent us a screenshot for you to check out, stay tuned for more info on this landing.

#72 Re: semantics and stuff...

by asa <>

Wednesday April 4th, 2001 9:13 PM

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<my opinion> This really isn\'t the place for Netscape 6.x advocacy. This is a forum about Mozilla. If someone wants to communicate to Netscape he should send them email or post to the netscape 6 newsgroups. The people that read and respond to comments here are Mozilla developers, testers and advocates not netscape marketing decisionmakers. Netscape probably will ship its next release with this latest (3rd) revision to the modern theme and if someone was really concerned about that he would be expressing that concern to the wrong group of people by commenting to this forum. </my opinion>