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Thursday March 29th, 2001

James Russell has volunteered to pick up the Feature Status Updates from Gerv. This is the first of many from James, with updates on imglib2, View Manager 3, the Cache rewrite, and many others. Click the Full Article link to check them out.

If you have a feature update, or a feature you think is missing, e-mail James (only features included in the Mozilla tree itself will be considered for mention). James has agreed to post new feature status updates for every point release of Mozilla (so the next ones will be for 0.9, 0.9.1 if there is one, and so on), which should work out to every five weeks or so, given the new Mozilla roadmap.

Also, thanks to all who volunteered to take this, your support was greatly appreciated!

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by davidjoham <>

Sunday April 1st, 2001 11:33 AM

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I've found that NN and IE are about equal in pain when you limit yourself to the latest versions of each:

IE) A real pain to get it to do what you want with CSS. Yes, you can generally hack things up to get it to work, but even with borders and padding it doesn't do what its supposed to. These problems can generally be worked around without too much cussing.

MOZ) Does everything you tell it to in styling, sometimes to my dismay. The problem is that the code base is young, and it shows. There are some pretty stupid bugs that were released with NN6 that still are in the codebase today. Unfortunately, these bugs are generally more difficult to work around than the IE styling bugs.

On a day to day basis, my "most hated browser" changes depending on where I'm coding. It's getting better though. I just completed a 10,000 line javascript application that works on Windows and Linux (and probably Mac) with maybe only 5 browser sniffs in the entire thing. It was pretty cool....