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Thursday March 29th, 2001

James Russell has volunteered to pick up the Feature Status Updates from Gerv. This is the first of many from James, with updates on imglib2, View Manager 3, the Cache rewrite, and many others. Click the Full Article link to check them out.

If you have a feature update, or a feature you think is missing, e-mail James (only features included in the Mozilla tree itself will be considered for mention). James has agreed to post new feature status updates for every point release of Mozilla (so the next ones will be for 0.9, 0.9.1 if there is one, and so on), which should work out to every five weeks or so, given the new Mozilla roadmap.

Also, thanks to all who volunteered to take this, your support was greatly appreciated!

#20 Re: XBL Form Controls

by davidjoham <>

Friday March 30th, 2001 12:23 PM

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Actually, its more for things like trying to send the value of a form element to the server when its display is set to none. At the moment, Mozilla doesn't do this and is causing me no end to ulcers. Another example, setting an IFRAME's display to none and then back to block causes the IFRAME to *reload* the page, loosing everything that was in there.

One of the Mozilla engineers mentioned that XBL Form controls would fix this type of behavior (it had something to do with the DOM and where the elements go when they are no long displayed) and I'm anxiously waiting for something to happen on this front. The current implementation of mozilla for application development frankly sucks because I have to spend man MONTHS working around these bugs which, incidentally, IE does not have...