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Tuesday March 27th, 2001

Tony Jordan writes in:
"This week we have updates from Chameleon, Hermes, Bookie, ChatZilla, DocZilla, and ForumZilla. Enjoy!"

#4 Another project that isn't in the report

by KaiRo <>

Wednesday March 28th, 2001 4:45 AM

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We (I) have a new project at MozDev, which needs lot of help. The project is called RBase (see <>) and should get a simple RDF datasource editor that allows you to create and change simple RDF files like database tables.

The biggest problem here is that I can't code a lot - I can do some UI work (I know some XUL, yes) but I don't know the JS functions we need to manage RDF datasources.

Please look into our web pages and help us if you can!

BTW, what do I have to do to get into those "indepenent projects staus reports"? Only mail Tony Jordan? Or something else?