Mozilla 0.8.1 Released!

Monday March 26th, 2001 today shipped Mozilla 0.8.1. Builds are available on the ftp server and release notes are also available.

Mozilla 0.8.1 continues on the road to 1.0, and is one of the last milestones prior to it. The next planned milestone will be 0.9, and will branch on or around April 20. Following that will either be a 0.9.1 release or a 1.0 branch on the 20th of May. More info on the milestone plan is available on the roadmap page.

Mozilla 0.8.1's new features include an updated Chatzilla, a much improved Javascript console, improved theme switching and support for theme uninstalling, new history viewer ala mozClassic, improved mail filtering, and numerous other bug fixes. 0.8.1 does not include the new Outliner Mail Window, the new disk cache, or imglib2.

#65 Why I say that Mozilla isn't kicking IE's ass

by macpeep

Tuesday March 27th, 2001 11:26 PM

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Judging from the responses I've received here, I feel that I should explain myself and my point of view a little.

I've been using Mosaic before Netscape was founded. I've been using every single Netscape browser from the 0.9x betas up to 6.01 and I'm a big fan of Netscape (the company) and their company culture, the way it was back in the "early days" with coders pulling all nighters etc. Those of you who have read JWZ's stories know what I talk about. I've also used Mozilla nightlies and milestones since the project was started, and I follow the project closely. In short, I'm *VERY* biased towards Mozilla.. Still.. I use Internet Explorer 5.5 as my primary browser, both at home and at work. The reason for this is that I can't bring myself to accept the quality of Mozilla / Netscape 6 - yet. It's just not there yet, which is very evident just from browsing BugZilla a while or even by reading some of the responses to this article.

"It crashes before the first window even loads on Linux." - khankin

"What's going on with MozillaMail on Win32? Many MenuItems are not displayed, can't see any mails ... short: doesn't work." - turrican

"crashes on MacOS 9.1" - maxsec

"javascript problem" - slok

"Back and forward buttons disapeared!" - fstmaurice

"crashes on win32" - turrican

"All kinds of problems with 0.8.1" - vondo

This is the kind of stuff I'm talking about. This is why I don't think Mozilla is kicking IE's ass - YET. This is why I responded the way I did to jondes post and later to others. Please, stop kidding yourself and saying that Mozilla is kicking IE's ass. It's not! Not yet. It will one day, I'm sure, and I'm hoping to see that day as early as this summer and I'm reporting bugs and discussing issues in newsgroups to help this happen. What I can't do, however, is to close my eyes and lie that Mozilla would be better because it's not! It's not even in the same league yet.

Someone replied to me with "shutup!". Others with "ignore him" etc. While I'm not personally offended by stuff like this, I think it's sad that the Mozilla community responds to critisism / realism in this way. Some people responded with "yeah, you're right.. but one day we'll get there" or similar. This isn't turning your back against Mozilla. It's not demoralizing like someone said. It's being a realist. We have to be able to look at the project critically instead of accepting poor quality and just kidding ourselves by saying that "it rocks!".

I can't organize my bookmarks without copy-paste losing information or pasting (half of) the bookmarks in the wrong folders. Drag and drop is broken every other day, scrollbars don't appear in many places where they should (like the preferences tree), textfields are 1-2 pixels too tall in web pages, SSL is about 30 times slower than normal HTTP, until last week, Mail & News was unusable for anyone who really relies on email for work because emails were lost in folders and / or unreliably delivered and scrolling was so slow that it was practically impossible to search for emails by just scroll-looking for it. These things have to be fixed and they will be. But they aren't yet and that's why I'm saying that Mozilla isn't kicking IE's ass - YET. That doesn't make me a troll and it's not flaimbait. Unfortunately, it's just the truth.