Mozilla 0.8.1 Released!

Monday March 26th, 2001 today shipped Mozilla 0.8.1. Builds are available on the ftp server and release notes are also available.

Mozilla 0.8.1 continues on the road to 1.0, and is one of the last milestones prior to it. The next planned milestone will be 0.9, and will branch on or around April 20. Following that will either be a 0.9.1 release or a 1.0 branch on the 20th of May. More info on the milestone plan is available on the roadmap page.

Mozilla 0.8.1's new features include an updated Chatzilla, a much improved Javascript console, improved theme switching and support for theme uninstalling, new history viewer ala mozClassic, improved mail filtering, and numerous other bug fixes. 0.8.1 does not include the new Outliner Mail Window, the new disk cache, or imglib2.

#18 SSL & bookmarks

by macpeep

Tuesday March 27th, 2001 3:15 AM

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SSL *works*. The problem is that it's painfully slow. If you try an SSL site with IE and then with Mozilla, you'll notice that it's about 30 times slower with Mozilla. There's a bug filed on this but I don't remember it's number. It's one that has a lot of votes too, but it still remains unfixed... I'm sure people are working on it, that's not what I meant. I'm just saying that SSL is more or less broken for serious use (like if you need SSL in your daily work).

Bookmarks.. Well, once you get them there, they work. The problem is that bookmark management is seriously broken. Drag & Drop works sporadically. The tree widget doesn't update every time so you have to resize windows. Scrollbars dissapear. Copy paste loses data. Paste sometimes misses it's target.. Should I go on? And you know, bugs are filed on all of these, so they are known. They just aren't FIXED yet.

This is why I find it so ridiculous that people can sit there and claim that IE5.5 is getting it's ass kicked by Mozilla. Not by a long shot! Not for another six months!