The New IE5 Feature Set...

Wednesday November 4th, 1998

George Giannukos writes in, "This article [a CNet article at Netscape's TechNews site] lists many of the new features that will be in IE5. Some very interesting ones I must say."

Sounds like MS is taking some moves from the Mozilla playbook. Who wants to place a wager on which group's solutions are more proprietary?

Also, maybe someone can answer a question for me. Why is it that whenever CNet does an article about Netscape, they always seem to have a MS spin doctor's words to finish out the article? Why does this article have no spin from the Netscape camp?

#22 Re:The New IE5 Feature Set...

by Guy Murphy <>

Tuesday November 17th, 1998 3:21 AM

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I hear some of you questioning the tracking of the XSL standard...

Firstly, IE5 is at present beta (so those complaining of crashes etc., it *is* beta), so there is no reason not to track the standard.

Secondly, as somebody poited out, the current draft is likely to make it to completion with only minor changes, which MS have undertaken to impliment.

Thirdly, you should be all over XSL, as it presents a very real alternative / threat to ASP which is currently extremely popular for intranet development. It would seem to me that if NS5 wants a place in the intranet market (certainly in the UK), they are nuts not to track XSL.

I'm not knocking NS5 (I thought that NS4.x was a waste of bits), as in now appears that NS (and the OSS dev team) are finaly implimenting something worth while. I want MS competition, but more than that I want workable systems. If that means turning my back on NS support (as I have) so be it. Zealotry rarely makes money.

I think everyone should take a long hard look at IE5 and swallow some pride. The reason why IE jumped into the lead with feature set, is becaus when MS where the browser underdog they did just that.. "embrace and extend".

Like it or not, IE5 is now the mark to hit. Swallow some pride and look at how to jump at the very least up to where the current IE implimentation is. Simple MS bashing while maybe making you feel better, will not help you survive (speaking as an OS/2 fan in the distant past).

Good luck to everybody invloved with the NS OSS... I hope you're hear this time next year... genuinely.