The New IE5 Feature Set...

Wednesday November 4th, 1998

George Giannukos writes in, "This article [a CNet article at Netscape's TechNews site] lists many of the new features that will be in IE5. Some very interesting ones I must say."

Sounds like MS is taking some moves from the Mozilla playbook. Who wants to place a wager on which group's solutions are more proprietary?

Also, maybe someone can answer a question for me. Why is it that whenever CNet does an article about Netscape, they always seem to have a MS spin doctor's words to finish out the article? Why does this article have no spin from the Netscape camp?

#18 Re: Yahoo! Using New Technologies

by Ted Behling <>

Wednesday November 11th, 1998 4:16 PM

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There have been several posts in this forum about Yahoo! taking advantage of new advertising methods. Yahoo! is, and has always been, extremely backward-compatible. Yahoo's design philosophy is to use older, still functional, versions of HTML to deliver their content FAST. There's nothing worse than waiting for overly-complex tables and huge graphics to download. For example, ZDNet tends to be quite bad at this: the HTML code, not including images, for their online articles is typically ~25k. Very messy! Yahoo!'s code is very minimalized, and will continue to be such. I can't visualize Yahoo! capitalizing on new technologies just because some ad agency says it's the "latest and greatest".