The New IE5 Feature Set...

Wednesday November 4th, 1998

George Giannukos writes in, "This article [a CNet article at Netscape's TechNews site] lists many of the new features that will be in IE5. Some very interesting ones I must say."

Sounds like MS is taking some moves from the Mozilla playbook. Who wants to place a wager on which group's solutions are more proprietary?

Also, maybe someone can answer a question for me. Why is it that whenever CNet does an article about Netscape, they always seem to have a MS spin doctor's words to finish out the article? Why does this article have no spin from the Netscape camp?

#10 Re:The New IE5 Feature Set...

by Tim

Friday November 6th, 1998 8:00 AM

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Standards are frequently implemented prior to finalization of the standard. This allows companies to find any implementation snags and make recommendations for better standards. In some cases their design is the basis for the standard. It also allows them to be first out there with a standards-compliant product because they are (hopefully) close to the final design.

Cutomers frequently want a standards-compliant product immediately after the standard is ratified. This can't happen unless companies are working on implementing the standard before it is finalized.

Sometimes this causes incompatibilities. (Compare with the 56K modems prior to the V.90 standard was finalized.) Netscape 4 included initial style sheet support and work on DHTML. Microsoft released IE4 later and could be more compliant with the standard.