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Tuesday March 20th, 2001

The new cache, which will be used for HTTP, FTP, and the new imagelib (which uses part of the memcache for decompressed images) landed today. With this ground-up rewrite the loading of cached copies should be "significantly faster." Check out the full story for an excellent summary of this new cache from Gagan Saksena and to find out how you can help test the new cache.

UPDATE - there is a problem with the old cache that conflicts with the new cache. Before you run a build with the new cache, you should manually delete the contents of your cache directories. If you go back to an old build, you should perform the same duty again. For more information and to track the status of this see the bug.

#12 Re: A little of chide

by Beafsteak <>

Wednesday March 21st, 2001 8:01 AM

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I think the Imagelib was still mainly from NS4.x and although the cache was rewritten, at least the disk cache, which was AFAIK initially designed by Intel, suffered from neglect by them and was completed relatively late in the dev cycle (I think about a year ago).