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Sunday March 11th, 2001

Tony Jordan writes in:
"This weeks report includes updates from ChatZilla, mozCalc, Chameleon, and XULMaker."

On a related note, we are still looking for someone to create a weekly or monthly feature status report. Email if you are interested in helping out with this.

#6 ChatZilla homepage is updated

by rginda

Sunday March 18th, 2001 1:35 PM

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The ChatZilla homepage on (<…s/rt-messaging/chatzilla/>) has just been updated.

Some of the new things are:

new (and old) screenshots: <…da/chatzilla/screenshots/>

a link to hidden prefs information: <…/xul/content/readprefs.js>

a link to how to style the output using CSS: <…l/skin/output-default.css>

a whole bunch of logs to use when styling chatzilla: <…tzilla/view-swatches.html>

and documentation on irc: urls: <…g/chatzilla/irc-urls.html>