BugDay! turns one year old today

Tuesday March 6th, 2001

Asa Dotzler writes:
This Tuesday marks the 1 year anniversary of BugDay! Thanks to all of you who have contributed to this amazing Community Quality Assurance and Testing effort. We're coming into some exciting times in Mozilla development with some major branches scheduled to land this week (!), including the imagelib rewrite (libpr0n) and object cache and the new necko cache (http:// and ftp://). We're also about a week away from the Mozilla 0.8.1 freeze. And soon after that we'll be seeing the Mail News performance branch with hyatt's new outliner widget and then PSM 2.0 landing. With all this activity the tree needs your help. Join us this Tuesday and every Tuesday for BugDay, a collaborative testing and triage effort for both old and new contributors. Thanks again to all of you who helped make this last year such a success and a special thanks to Chris Nelson, Jason Kersey and Alan Jones for making this possible.

#3 So far so good but...

by Nemo_NX

Tuesday March 6th, 2001 6:48 PM

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Maybe adding iframe support sometime son would be a good idea? Yes? No? Has it been marked as a bug yet?

Go to <> and see all the cool stuff they're doing with iframes that Netscape STILL can't do. :( Specifically the Flat and DThread options and click on a few sub comments to see what happens.