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Friday March 2nd, 2001

Gervase Markham has polled various feature owners, and has written up a brief status report on some of mozilla's components. Click the 'Full Article' link to check them out.

On a side note, Gerv is looking for help in making this a weekly or monthly mozillaZine feature. If you are interested, let Gerv know.

#3 SSL / PSM

by macpeep

Monday March 5th, 2001 3:05 AM

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What's the status on SSL? The current implementation is *SLOOOOOOOWWWWWW* for me on all sites I've tried. When I try a site with IE, first without SSL and then with SSL, the slowdown is not even noticeable. When I switch to Mozilla, the SSL version takes about 30 seconds to load while the normal non-encrypted version takes less than 1 second. My computer is a 500Mhz Athlon with 128 megs of ram, Windows 98 and my network connection is a 2Mbps ADSL line so that shouldn't be a problem. With IE, the SSL version of the site loads in less than 1 second so it's not the server.

I get similar results on ALL SSL sites I've tried. Any chance that someone is working on getting this fixed to usable levels? This is a serious hurdle for many people to switch to Mozilla / derivate products since they do their banking, buy stuff etc. online without it taking 50 times longer than it used to.