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Friday March 2nd, 2001

Tony Jordan writes in:
Here are our status reports for this week. Featured this week: Jabberzilla, Chatzilla, MozOffice, Chameleon, Beonex, Sherlock, and a general status report on Enjoy!

#1 Fix my name?

by Kovu

Friday March 2nd, 2001 3:05 PM

Perhaps you could fix my name...? it's Russell (two Ls).


#2 Re: Fix my name?

by twjordan

Friday March 2nd, 2001 4:39 PM

Sorry about that, it was bound to happen eventually. I'll have kerz fix it asap.


#3 Re: Fix my name?

by kerz

Friday March 2nd, 2001 5:35 PM

I guess i can....

#4 PGP/GPG module for Mozilla mail?

by sanity

Sunday March 4th, 2001 6:59 PM

Is anyone working on a PGP/GPG module for Mozilla mail? If one existed then there would be little to prevent me from using Moz mail by default, but for the moment I am stuck with mutt. I would do it myself but I have <a href="">other</a> commitments.

#5 Re: PGP/GPG module for Mozilla mail?

by asa

Monday March 5th, 2001 12:52 AM

Yes, someone is working on this. His name is Damon Gallaty. He is about to check in preliminary support for PGP plugins in Mozilla (no plugins yet though). See the bug for details, paying particular attention to the comments from Damon on 02-05 12:18 (learning to query bugzilla makes life so much easier. answering your own questions sure beats waiting on others to answer them for you.)