Roadmap Update

Wednesday February 28th, 2001

Asa Dotzler writes:
"In response to the large number of bugs nominated and targeted by the community against Mozilla 0.9 and our desire to maintain 0.9 as a recommended beta branch point we have added one additional milestone to the schedule. This new Mozilla 0.8.1 Milestone will replace the 0.9 milestone in the calendar. Mozilla 0.9 and all subsequent Milestones have been shifted out one 5 week cycle. This results in a projected a 0.9 release date of April 23."

#28 Feature cutting

by mgroeber <>

Sunday March 4th, 2001 4:22 AM

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It seems to me that there isn't even that much disagreement between your paragraph and the original post:

>> Mozilla should not be released prematurely, but >> it doesn't need every little feature and support for every obscure >> standard right from day 1. > Unless there's massive feature-cutting, I'm doubtful of seeing a final > release of Seamonkey this side of Christmas.

Or is the general impression among the development team that the feature set is already stripped down far enough so that any further reductions would endanger the goal of creating a new platform, giving people an incentive to switch and providing a drop-in replacement of Netscape's 4.x Communicator? The last argument I have heard frequently as a response to people asking for a split between the browser and the mail/news client...

ciao marcus