Roadmap Update

Wednesday February 28th, 2001

Asa Dotzler writes:
"In response to the large number of bugs nominated and targeted by the community against Mozilla 0.9 and our desire to maintain 0.9 as a recommended beta branch point we have added one additional milestone to the schedule. This new Mozilla 0.8.1 Milestone will replace the 0.9 milestone in the calendar. Mozilla 0.9 and all subsequent Milestones have been shifted out one 5 week cycle. This results in a projected a 0.9 release date of April 23."

#11 Re: Re: It's Fine Now

by sleepy

Friday March 2nd, 2001 11:11 AM

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Hmm. How does Apache prevent Mozilla from running? I run Apache and Mozilla at the same time all day with no problem.

I agree that Mozilla is now in a good shape. The main complaints about Mozilla has been stability & performance, but I think the stability issue has reached a level that competes with other major browsers; I can run Mozilla for a few hours without crashing. Performance could be better, but if you have a fairly recent computer (e.g. Pentium II, 64MB+ RAM), it's not an issue either.

I use Mozilla as my default browser. I only run Netscape 4.x once in a while when I encounter a Mozilla bug that doesn't have a workaround. I wouldn't touch IE; I don't like the fact that MS forces its application to the users, preloads it at Windows start up, and it stays in memory taking up your valuable resources.