Roadmap Update

Wednesday February 28th, 2001

Asa Dotzler writes:
"In response to the large number of bugs nominated and targeted by the community against Mozilla 0.9 and our desire to maintain 0.9 as a recommended beta branch point we have added one additional milestone to the schedule. This new Mozilla 0.8.1 Milestone will replace the 0.9 milestone in the calendar. Mozilla 0.9 and all subsequent Milestones have been shifted out one 5 week cycle. This results in a projected a 0.9 release date of April 23."

#10 Mozilla will be released when its ready

by jeremyr

Friday March 2nd, 2001 11:08 AM

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Mozilla will be released when its ready and NOT before. I am using Mozilla .08 and I use it for a lot of javascript/DOM/DHTML scripting and I push it to the limit and I\'ve found numerous things that make it crash, don\'t work right or standards aren\'t implemented yet. Mozilla should build a reputation for releasing only quality products rather than Netscape who has a reputation for poor quality and releasing buggy products. What is the point of using a open source browser when it slower, buggier than its proprietary counterpart? Mozilla is definetely on the road to being complete but it should not be released until all known bugs are dealt with no matter how long it takes. Quality should always be the top priority over meeting deadlines.